Illustrated Talks

Geoff Tristram can be booked to perform his humorous illustrated talk, ‘Confessions of an Artist’, or his new talk, ‘A Mixed Bag of Clangers’ for your society, organisation, P.T.A. or whatever!

 ‘Confessions’ lasts around an hour and a quarter and is a humorous autobiographical ramble through Geoff’s event-filled life, with hilarious anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of a professional artist’s often chaotic existence. There are over a hundred beautiful paintings and funny cartoons to see en-route, plus some footage from the BBC’s World Snooker Finals in 2007, which featured Geoff as a guest presenter.

‘A Mixed Bag of Clangers’ is a slightly shorter humorous talk which highlights the many silly anomalies, errors of taste and downright cock-ups that Geoff has discovered in the world of art and design. From the masters of the Renaissance, Leonardo and Michelangelo, via the world of advertising and publishing, to the very depths of back-street tattoo art, no one is exempt from Geoff’s withering criticisms – not even himself!

If you think that these talks would make a good fund-raiser or after-dinner entertainment for your organisation, why not contact Geoff and discuss it. Best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune, unless of course you belong to a New Zealand Art Society and you pay travel expenses.

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