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Cats of Character

Many years ago I was asked to paint a picture of a cat, which was initially to be used for a stationery range. The cat was christened Marmaduke by the design studio, and quite soon he was appearing on all manner of products, including fine art prints, ceramic plates, tea towels, jigsaws, notepads, calendars, bone china teacups, etc, etc. In fact, you name it; Marmaduke has probably been on it!

Unfortunately, for me at any rate, I sold the original artwork and the rights to the image, which meant that everyone did well out of old Marmaduke except me! I was consequently asked to paint twelve more cat images for a ceramic plate company, which I agreed to do with the proviso that I kept the copyright and the original paintings this time. These images also sold well on various types of product, and this of course led to me paint even more!

Now I have a decent sized collection of these cat images which are licensed all over the world on different products. This is quite amusing, particularly as I’d never owned a cat (if one can ever own a cat) and have always regarded myself as a dog person! I finally have one. She’s called Poppy!

That said, I’m fond of all creatures, and especially those that can help me to earn a living.

Here’s a selection of those paintings, and if you are potentially interested in licensing my cat art, please get in touch and I will point you in the right direction. (Visit Artwork Licensing)

Visit my Cat Conundrum page too, which has signed limited edition fine art prints offer. *Not available as greeting cards.

Own a signed ‘Cats of Character’ print.

Geoff’s ‘Cats of Character’ paintings can be purchased as bespoke Giclée prints. All prints are in a square format, signed, numbered, printed on fine quality art paper and then posted out to you in tubes.

Frames not included.

Own a signed 'Cats of Character' print

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